Choose from a wide selection of custom label stock below. ImageTek Labels produces pressure sensitive solutions for a variety of industry applications. Whether you work in industrial manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, electronics or chemical engineering, our professional team has the expertise to assist you. Custom printed and blank media options available.

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Labels designed for shipping and inventory applications, fixed asset, property tracking and industrial manufacturing WIP track and trace.


Meet DOT regulations for battery packaging and shipping. From Lithium metal to ion, barcode track and trace, waste and recycling, and CE ID.

Circuit Board

Guaranteed to resist high temperatures and chemical exposure for surface mount, wave solder and product ID. UL, CSA, and RoHS compliant.


Labels that won't smear or smudge when exposed to harsh chemicals. Abrasion and tear resistant for industrial labeling.


Label that survive harsh environments, chemical exposure, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. Avoid delays in production and quality.


Identify areas of caution in the workplace such as moving parts, automatic machinery, pinch points or blades, keeping workers safe.


Electrostatic dissipative labels are used in electronics industries where components can be damaged if exposed to electromagnetic interface.

Flame Retardant

Our flame retardant labels are designed to survive temperatures up to 1100F and short exposure to open flame.

Harsh Environment

Designed to withstand high temperatures, chemicals, water & moisture, electrostatic discharge, painting and enameling, and UV light.

High Temperature

Preprinted aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and specialty PEN that are REACH, RoHS and WEE compliant.


For track and trace, WIP, compliance and UID applications these labels survive extreme manufacturing environments.


From patient identification to pharmaceutical, laboratory testing, autoclave, sterilization, hot water baths, and freezer storage.

Membrane Switch

Touch sensitive, the pads are printed on stable, heat resistant materials with graphic overlays for a customize the look and feel.


Equipment labels help to identify areas of caution in the workplace such as moving parts, automatic machinery & pinch points.


A self-wound laminate with one peel away layer that can be removed after any enameling, painting or staining type processes.


Meet the directives for Lead, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, Mercury, Polybrominated Biphenyl and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether.


A tamper resistant label or seal for equipment boxes, hardware, storage containers and more. Simple peel & stick solutions.

Steel & Metal

Aggressive label solutions for the various stages of the metal manufacturing supply chain from production through prolonged exposure.


Stock and custom preprinted labels are available in wide variety of sizes, graphics and materials to meet your manufacturing needs.


Meant to survive long life cycles, cold temperatures, condensation. These labels are weatherproof and water resistant.

Preprinted Barcode

The best solution for shipping and inventory applications, fixed asset, property tracking and WIP. All symbology available.

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