A label that tells your story.

Every label tells a story. The story of your quality. Your brand. Your personality. It’s these labels that are your outward representation to the world. We craft only the finest labels so each story is told exactly as it was intended.

Artwork Guidelines For Logo And Artwork Submissions

The best formats for label artwork submissions are Vector based formats. These formats are easily achieved with a lot of the Adobe Products.

Adobe Illustrator (.EPS or .AI – Vector artwork with fonts converted to outlines)
Adobe Acrobat (.PDF – Vector artwork exported from a vector program with fonts converted to outlines)

Other common raster file extensions: .JPG or .PNG  with a resolution of 300dpi (dots/pixels per inch) will render the best quality. Images with low resolution will reproduce with poor quality. In the event that the only artwork available is 72 dpi, larger images will render better results than very small images.

Incompatible file formats for Artwork include

Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), .png, .bmp, .gif and .jpg (small, low resolution files from Websites). Do not rename original bitmap/raster files as .eps, .ai, or .pdf. as these will not render desirable results when reproduced.

Vector versus Raster based images

Artwork is preferred as vector based graphics (line drawings – .ai, .eps) as opposed to raster based (bitmap/jpeg) images. While the shape and color of a bitmap image appears smooth from a distance, when viewed up close you can see the tiny individual squares and dots (pixels) that make up the image. Vector drawings are made up of graphical objects, consisting of smooth lines and continuous colors, and are resolution independent. When viewed up close or from a distance, vector drawings appear as smooth clean lines and edges. Vector images are easily scalable, and reproduce with the highest level of quality.

4-color process (CMYK)

Labels are printed as four-color process (CMYK); therefore, files need to be designed as four-color process (CMYK). RGB files and Pantone colors will be converted to CMYK. Please note, converted RGB files and Pantone colors will vary slightly in color. If you would like to ensure color, you may request a press proof at additional cost.

Reproduction Rights

Customer warrants and represents that he/she is lawfully entitled to reproduce and copy the images or artwork ordered and has full authority to authorize us to reproduce and copy such images and artwork.

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