Security Labels: Safeguard Your Business

Security labels and stickers act as a tamper resistant seal for equipment boxes, hardware,  storage containers and more. Our security labels arepressure sensitive, simply peel & stick. Custom printed in full color, the labels appear in tact and apply like most all  pressure sensitive labels do. The difference is, security labels and stickers are designed to break down when tampered with. There are various types of security labels, all indicative of tampering and the kind you choose is based heavily on the product they’re being applied to, and the environment they are exposed to post application. 

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Our security labels are available in

•  Full color with custom print
•  Variable sequential, alphanumeric barcodes  
•  Blank label rolls configured to your printer 
•  QR Code and 2D datamatrix 

Security, Void and Tamper Evident Labels for applications like

•  Protection of Products, Equipment & Tooling
•  Controlled Access Area like Cabinets and & Containers
•  Government Property & Assets
•  Warranty Labels
•  Laboratory and/or Pharmaceutical
•  Personal and legal documents
•  Asset Identification
•  Call-for-Service Labels
•  Boxes & Packaging Labels
•  Aircraft Seal
•  Vehicle Security Seals
•  Search & Secure Labels
•  Tooling Asset Labels
•  Computer and A/V Equipment 

Security Labels: Tamper Evident vs. Void

Void Labels

Void labels leave a residue behind on the applied surface after the label has been peeled back or removed entirely. Generally, the residue spells VOID, but others exist using symbols or markers to indicate the label has been tampered with. 

These labels are custom printable and ideal for text, logo, serial numbers, variable numeric or alphanumeric data, size and color.

Tamper Resistant Labels

Tamper Resistant labels breaks instantly upon removal and are unable to be used or resealed.  These labels cannot be removed cleanly or evenly and the pieces chip off sparingly so tampering is obvious to inspectors. Security labels are designed to safeguard your property and product integrity as well as to prevent counterfeiting and ensure safety to the public. 

Request complimentary samples of our tamper evident, security labels here.