Membrane Switches

Product and I.D. Labels for Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are an important part of your product. Protection, identification and instructional information assure that the right information is presented in a way that works with your product design and engineering and that the information is communicated properly to the device for operational practice.

Fast and reliable, ImageTek Labels can manufacture a membrane switch that links machine operation with human interface. Touch sensitive, the pads are printed on stable, heat resistant materials with graphic overlays that customize the look and feel of your product. Membrane switches are used most often for control panels, medical devices, retail POP, detection or measurement equipment as well as electronics.

ImageTek Labels design engineers who will work with you to meet your exact specifications and help you choose the right materials for your project. Graphics are as important as the layers that operate the machine, they are the images that help the user communicate with the device and ensure safety and reliability in your product.

When designing the membrane switch a few things to consider are Embossing, hard textured coating, and transparent windows and back lighting. No matter the product, ImageTek Labels has the imaging capabilities, materials and expertise to provide you the best product possible.

An image of a membrane switch.