Custom Medical & Laboratory Labels

The healthcare industry is increasingly turning to barcode and 2D data matrix coding to help increase patient safety and accuracy.Medical labels call out for strict guidelines per FDA regulations. Highly technical and heavily regulated, ImageTek Labels is constantly working on innovative approaches to manufacturing labels that meet current performance requirements. ImageTek Labels understands the criteria and has a wide selection of labels suitable for medical manufacturing and product labeling.

From patient identification to pharmaceutical, laboratory testing, autoclave and sterilization as well as freezer storage and hot water baths, we have a medical product line of labels that will meet your compliance regulations.

Medical labels must remain in place and legible throughout the life span of your product. ImageTek Labels’ medical label line maintains superior readability and is durable, aggressive and resistant to chemicals, abrasion and moisture.

Our labels are able to withstand repeated cycles of cryongenic conditions, autoclaving, conforming to tight radii and maintaining safety and usage information with tamper evident materials. With a full line of medical labels that survive xylene, alcohol and extreme temperatures these labels will meet all medical, FDA and laboratory specifications.

Imagtek’s medical labeling solutions are created and supported to meet the needs of hospitals, labs, pharmacies and medical manufacturers. Our extensive experience developing labels ,

applicators and printers for harsh environments pay off in designs that give you consistent quality.

LMP6101 Mil MatteSilver polyester Double Coatweight Acrylic-40 up to 350 deg. F-40 deg. F to 300 deg. F