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ImageTek works with many of the world’s leading providers of aerospace technologies and parts. We understand the challenges associated with aerospace labeling and the demands on label materials. We have the knowledge help guide your projects to ensure that the labels meet your specifications.

With a variety of UL and CSA-approved materials, we meet specifications for heat and chemical-resistant, pressure-sensitive labels, aluminum, and steel tag solutions, as well as nameplates and overlays

  • Bar/Matrix Code Labels
  • Certification/Regulatory Labels
  • Engraved Nameplates
  • Product Logos/Decals
  • Embossed Labels/Seals
  • Flexible Labels/Nameplates
  • Instrument/Control Panels
  • Laser Printable Labels
  • Membrane Switch/Keypad
  • Overlays; Overlays / Panel
  • Overlays; RFID
  • Labels/Tags
  • Serial Number Plates
  • Tags

The LMK1603 is a flame-retardant polyimide label material designed to work in avionics and aerospace applications. LMK1603 material is intended to be used in harsh environments, including applications that require materials that will not propagate a flame. ImageTek Labels combines special coatings and halogen-free flame retardant technologies with the high-temperature resistance of polyimide film to provide a durable label material that meets the challenging requirements for the aerospace industry including tracking, instructional, warning, component identification labels or wire and cable marking applications. The LMK1603 complies with the requirements of RoHS, REACH, and is certified to be halogen-free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels. This material has Significant “self-extinguishing” performance.

Our LMP6015, Skydrol resistant 2 mil, matte, white polyester with a high-performance permanent acrylic adhesive designed to permanently bond to the most demanding surfaces. Has excellent durability and chemical resistance when used in conjunction with our specialty thermal transfer ribbons.

The LMK1300 is ASTM E 595 rated for low outgassing. A 2 mil semi-gloss polyimide film with chemical resistance, high temperature, permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, and high opacity, white topcoat specifically designed for barcode or alphanumeric identification of printed circuit boards, or related electronic components using thermal transfer printing.


LMK 1603

Semi-Gloss White Polyimide

Custom Manufactured Labeling Systems

Description – Image-Tek LMK1603 is a special 1 Mil polyimide film with a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high opacity, semi-gloss, white topcoat specifically designed to be flame retardant to the UL94 VTM-0 standard. The flame retardant performance is achieved without the use of halogenated flame retardant materials which make it suitable for electronics applications. Material is RoHS, REACH and Halogen Free.

Use – Image-Tek LMK1603 is ideal for the following applications. Batteries where flame, chemical, and high temperature exposure may result. Tracking labels for hand-held devices. Electronic production identification labels. UL rating label for an electronic device. Product ID and asset tracking. Low profile label applications.

Material Specification
Substrate: Printable white polyimide Film: 1.0
Semi-Gloss, White
1.0 mil
Thermal Transfer, Flexo
2.0 mil
Working Temperature Range:
-4 to 347 deg F (-20 to 175 deg C)

Other High Temperature Solutions

Product Description Adhesive Application Operating
LMF 1300
003” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
Permanent Acrylic
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 450°F
LMF 1301
.005” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
Permanent Acrylic
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 450°F
LMF 1308
.008” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
Permanent Acrylic
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 450°F
LMF 1312
.012” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
Permanent Acrylic
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 450°F
LMF 1320
.020” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 1,110°F
LMF 1330
.030” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
Ceramic Coated Tag Temp
Ranging up to 2,000°F
-60 °F to 1,400 °F
LMF 1332
.032” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 1,110°F
LMF 1363
.063” Mil Photo Etched Aluminum
10°F to 250°F
-60 °F to 1,110°F

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