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ImageTek offers a variety of supreme abrasion resistant laminates that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications such as paint block labels, shipping labels, tooling asset labels or equipment inventory labels. Sun, heat, cold and wind are no match for our laminates.

Laminated Labels

UL And UV Approved Laminates Provide Optimal Durability

Experts in the manufacturing of laminated labels for a broad range of uses. Laminated labels provide the ultimate in durability and longevity when high moisture, friction, solvent and weathering exposure is a concern. We provide preprinted laminated labels utilizing polyester, UV sunscreen polyester, polypropylene and UL approved laminates. We also supply base and laminate material for the PCM/Image-Tek Protector 5 printer laminator. Custom preprinted, variable serialization and four color process are available on a wide variety of substrates to meet your needs.

Expert Manufacturer of Polypropylene and Polyester Labels

We offer a unique Paintblock dual laminated label. This label has a two layer laminate system that allows you to label your product before the painting process and end up with a clear laminated label afterwards. After the label is applied and has been through the process, then the top layer of laminate may be peeled off to reveal a clean laminated label. This is pertinent when keeping track of inventory during the manufacturing process. We are one of the few companies that not only supply this label, but are experts in the manufacturing processes that these labels are used in, thus we can offer advice as to which label will fit your application best.