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Military Labels for Defense & Logistics

ImageTek Labels is a Supplier of Military, RFID, UID blank or preprinted labels for the DOD (Department of Defense), NASA and other government branches that require stringent specifications for all equipment and shipping labels. These labels are often subject to harsh conditions & must survive.  By using a LVS75000® by Label Vision Systems, ImageTek Labels will not only produce military-compliant labels but we will verify and grade each label individually, to meet universal standards. After careful inspection of the labels, we compile a report to detail quality and label grade and attach that report to every order. Common Military Standards of Labeling are:

Meeting military compliance and DOD regulations can be daunting when you’re not familiar with the protocol. Military labels are developed from guidelines specified by the Federal Trade Commission and conform to Military Specification DDD-L-20F. Label materials must be non-fraying and are resistant to shrinking, curling, and failure due to mildew, rot, and moisture. 

We make it our business to be informed and stay up to date with current specifications; making it easier for you to do business and fulfill your contracts. Whether it’s MIL Spec, UIDRFID or OSHA-approved Safety standards, we have you covered. Aviation, automotive, and defense weaponry industries have very strict policies on what type of label material must be used in shipping and labeling products used in Military applications. 

ImageTek Labels has a long history of meeting these requirements with labels that are commonly used for shipping, safety, and product identification. Our labels are designed to withstand the harsh environments that military equipment is subjected to, are resistant to abrasion, constant immersion in corrosive solvents, and are weatherproof. Double-coated weighted permanent adhesives are available. Blank or custom labels are available to meet any specification. ImageTek Labels can meet and exceed the expectations with blank or custom printed labels for the following  MIL-STD labels:

  • MIL-STD-883E
  • MIL-STD-202F
  • MIL-STD-130L
  • MIL-STD-883E

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