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The On Line Series for Fast & Reliable Print and Apply Labeling

The Ultimate Solution for Print & Apply Labeling

Whether you need traceability or labeling compliance, ImageTek Labels On Line Series is a truly flexible way to introduce print and applyPrint and Apply Equipment label applicator solutions onto your production line.

The On Line Series offers you the ultimate print & apply solution, from a standalone unit to a more complex integrated system that can be integrated with Zebra, Sato, Intermec, or Datamax Technology.
The On Line Series incorporates the versatility of modular bolt-on print engine technology and is designed for high-speed tamp-on labeling. The On Line Series has an optional RFID module and prints and applies labels at speeds up to one label every 1.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest print & apply options on the market.

The modular design ensures that the solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, using a compact design for convenience and safety. A wide range of standard configurations ensures minimum disturbance when fitting into your production line.

Convenient and Efficient

The On Line Series is offered with a wide range of consumables to suit all applications; while it’s versatile software compatibility allows you to design labels and combine fixed templates with variable data feeds in real time.

Flexible & Reliable

The On Line Series printer applicator utilizes the latest Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC’s. It features a flexible, plug-n-play design with only the best components. Built for reliability and engineered to be on-line, all of the time. The up-front engineered design makes the On Line Series easy to operate, service, and maintain.


Five Key Benefits of Using the On Line Series

  • Fast consumables changes for production line efficiency
  • Simple design with minimalist controls for an operator to deal with
  • Easy to maintain – built to last – unmatched strength and durability
  • Interfacing to work with all the latest Thermal Print engines
  • Integrates easily with most WMS and Automation software and hardware




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