Survivor Series Labels That Meet ASTM E595 Low Out-gassing Requirements

ASTM E595 Low Out-gassing Requirements are Important

The ASTM E595 standard mandates that manufacturers of electronic devices, like LED, hard drives and camera assemblies, meet low Low Out-gassing Label Requirements out-gassing requirements. Low out-gassing specifications are in place to ensure that high vacuum applications maintain their integrity and avoid complications, as a result of residue left behind on electronic components during the manufacturing process.

Exposure to low out-gassing can result in performance issues and malfunctions in product performance. The slightest out-gas can be responsible for a full product line recall, costing companies time and money.

When label materials are responsible for the out-gassing, low levels of deposition can be left on electronics components. As a result, manufacturers are constantly looking for low-gassing label alternatives to ensure the quality of their products and processes.

ASTM E595 Label Characteristics

ImageTek Labels carries ASTM E595 approved label materials in their Survivor Series product line, which offers specialty label solutions for durable goods manufacturers. In addition to meeting ASTM E595 specifications, these materials survive temperatures up to 280°C and offer chemical resistance to solvents and cleaners used in the print circuit board manufacturing process.

Along with electronics components and hard disk manufacturers, NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) also require low out-gassing materials including labels, be used throughout their space crafts. Out-gassing can condense optical elements, thermal radiators and or solar cells, rendering them useless.

ImageTek Labels low out-gassing label media is thermal transfer printable and complies with RoHS and REACH initiatives, as well as, are certified to halogen free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels.

ASTM E595 Labels are Common in Applications Like:

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