Protector 5 Laminated Labels for Durable Goods Manufacturing

Print. Laminate. Repeat. Meet the Protector 5.

Durability is the name of the game for most industrial goods manufacturers. From metal fabrication to automotive and aerospace, these print and laminate durable labelsindustries have one thing in common; they require a label that will survive abrasion and harsh environments – Enter ImageTek Labels.

Companies who require pressure-sensitive, laminated labels that endure high temperatures, corrosive chemicals and flammable environments have few options when it comes to label stock and failure is not one of them.

ImageTek Labels, manufacturer and convertor of custom label stock that stands up to extreme environments, specializes in durable label solutions that stick. Using a wide ranges of substrates to include polyimide film, high-temperature polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), acrylate, and chemical-resistant polyesters manufacturers see ImageTek as a valued partner in the production and manufacture of finished labels for part identification, on-product instruction, bar codes, compliance labels and much more.

The Protector 5 is Easy to Use 

The Protector 5 Laminator is a simple, yet necessary piece of equipment for producers of durable goods. The P5 creates durable labels that will withstand harsh industrial environments and affords companies the luxury of manufacturing their durable labels in house; offering quick-responsive support of real-time data and compliance changes. Additionally, the P5 printer/laminator allows for one-off printing, so manufacturers are able to use only the stock they need, allowing for much leaner manufacturing processes; saving time and money.


The Protector 5 Laminator Works with Your Existing Printers

Durable goods manufacturers prefer the P5 to other types of laminating equipment because of the seamless integration it provides with printers currently used in their everyday manufacturing processes. Companies are able to avoid the cost associated with having to purchase new industrial printing equipment by purchasing a P5 system that is configured to work with the equipment and label stock already in place in their production facilities.

The P5 is easy to operate. Simply place the rolls of label media and laminate on the machine and the P5 works in conjunction with industrial printers like Intermec, Sato and Datamax, to print the custom labels within seconds. After printing, the Pro 5 will apply the laminate over the labels and cut the labels precisely to length.

PCM ImageTek’s EZ Pull™ film laminations protect labels from heat, solvents, corrosion, moisture, and UV exposure for up to 25 years. Literally hundreds of material combinations are available. Applications include: outdoor use, engine parts, underwater use and protection through painting and enameling processes.


The Survivor Series Durable Label Line 

One of ImageTek’s flagship offering’s is the  “Survivor Series” label line, which are manufactured to withstand temperatures of 1,100 °F and beyond. A perfect solution for a variety of durable manufacturing applications and a great alternative to expensive aluminum labels that require long lead times and offer little to no real-time flexibility.

In addition to labels, the Survivor Series line stocks high temperature, thermal transfer ribbon, ribbon, print & apply machines and finishing equipment.

For more information on the P5 printer/laminator visit our website or  contact ImageTek Labels for product information as well as a sample of durable media stock, will be shipped to you same day.



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