2D Datamatrix and Barcode Labels for Assets & Inventory Tracking

2D Datamatrix or Barcode Labels. Which is right for your business?

Barcode and 2D datamatrix labels are the perfect solution for inventory, shipping and manufacturing applications where track and trace capabilities are necessary for success. Choosing the right barcode for your business is a simple process and can generally be determined by asking yourself a simple questions about what type of information you need your barcode labels to deliver.

With a wide variety of label solutions manufactured to survive water, chemicals, abrasion and weathering, your preprinted barcode and 2D datamatrix labels will stand up to environmental challenges and last the life of your product if you choose the right label material. From paper to polyester and security tamper evident materials, your labels will not only assist with track and trace but can meet the durability and functionality requirements of any project large or small.  barcode labels

Barcode and 2D datamatrix symbologies are options to consider when planning an asset tracking process. To determine which symbology is right for your business, you must ask yourself what types of information you want to measure and record.  Barcode labels contain partial alphanumeric, variable length data. Standard barcode symbologies will work well for most applications. 2D datamatrix symbologies are important for tracking exuberant amount of data, like origin, place of manufacture, and production information that channels throughout various departments or locations. 2D datamatrix can give you a full history on the product from production through the sales process and helps to identify not only the product but the manufacturing process.

Once you have identified which symbology would work well for your business, the next step is to include those labels on your products or packaging. In addition, you will want to purchase scanning equipment or decide whether these labels should be human readable and if the design and fonts support ease of use for those tasked with tracking your inventory. It is important to use a bar code font that will work in almost any Windows application. (And bar code fonts can also be used in Unix, DOS, or on AS/400s.)

With the ability to print custom labels in any size or shape you desire, ImageTek Labels provides durable barcode and 2D datamatrix label solutions for harsh environment labeling.  By printing on high quality face stocks backed with top of line adhesives and UV resistant laminates you can add layers of additional protection to your process and your product to add additional protection from moisture, UV rays and other environments. Our service staff can also help you choose the right barcode readers and assist you in setting up the track and trace process.

Preprinted barcode labels are perfect for shipping, inventory, WIP and work flow projects. With no tooling charges and custom short or long term rolls, you can have your rolls delivered in only a few short days. For more information or with questions about getting started on barcode and 2d datamatirx labeling please contact us and we help you get started.


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