ImageTek Labels to Attend the Manufactured in Vermont Exposition

Support Vermont’s Three Billion Dollar Manufacturing Industry at The Manufactured in VT Exposition

Sponsored by the The Vermont Chamber, the mission of the Manufactured in Vermont exposition is to strengthen and grow Vermont’s manufacturing base for competitive advantage here at home and abroad. The exhibit showcases the manufacturing sector as a significant driver of our economy both as an employer and producer of goods. The show creates a niche network that connects industry peers and facilitate both sourcing and procurement opportunities for innovative, stronger, and nimble supply chains in Vermont, throughout New England, and with our trading partner Canada. The event will be held on September 25th at the Champlain Valley Exposition Center in Essex Junction, Vermont. Key industrial sectors include:


ImageTek Labels to attend the Manufactured in VT Tradeshow.

Manufactured in Vermont offers exhibitors and participants:

Vermont Manufacturing At a Glance


Want more details? Check out this short video and get in the know!

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