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Print & Laminate High Temperature Labels

The Protector 5 Printer Laminator by ImageTek Labels

Print & laminate applications can be a challenge, especially when high temperature materials are called for. Label overlaminates are important for protecting vital product information and graphics from extreme environments like high temperatures, chemicals and abrasion. For many industries, print and laminate durable labelson-demand label printing is necessary for labeling important processes and products during and after manufacture. Until recently, in-house, harsh environment label printing was a challenge for companies due to the lack of necessary labeling technology and associated costs.

The Protector 5 Solves On Demand Label Challenges

The Protector 5 Printer Laminator provides a cost effective solution to in-house print & laminate applications for a variety of industries like automotive, aerospace and machine manufacturers. The P5 Printer Laminator creates durable labels that will withstand harsh industrial environments. Simply place a roll of labels and a roll of laminate onto the Protector 5, this hardware will print your label and apply the laminate over the label before cutting the label precisely to length. PCM ImageTek’s EZ Pull™ film laminations protect labels from heat, solvents, corrosion, moisture, and UV exposure for up to 25 years. Literally hundreds of material combinations are available. Applications include: outdoor use, engine parts, underwater use and protection through painting and enameling processes.

Print & Laminate High Temperature Media

ImageTek’s clear, high temperature overlaminates maintain their characteristics through the print and laminate process, protecting the true color and integrity of the label graphics. High temperature colored polyimide overlaminate are also available and are an ideal solution for applications where color is not as important as long term resistance to high temperatures. Below are two of ImageTek Labels specialty high temperature label materials that will survive temperatures up to 550F. These high temperature PEN and acrylate solutions are a cost effective alternative to expensive polyimide media, making on-demand, high temperature print & laminate applications a more viable option for many companies. High temperature media is not suggested for Protector 5 set-up and testing. Sample media is supplied for equipment installation.

  • LMG1300– A 2.0 mil matte, white acrylate that will withstand up to 392 F.
  • LMH1100 – A 2.7 mil gloss white PEN that will withstand up to 550 F.

To learn more about these unique performance labels, call our technical experts at (802) 885-6208 or request information.

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