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Introducing the New E-Shot Printer Applicator

Tamp on Labeling for Industrial Applications with Tight Radii

ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company, announces the launch of the E-Shot Printer Applicator, designed to print and apply tamp on labels toE-Shot Printer Applicator product packaging. The E-Shot was designed to meet the overwhelming demand by manufacturers aiming to bring their labeling in house in an attempt to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, though challenged by limited space and resources.

The E-Shot Printer Applicator is capable of repeated, accurate application of pressure sensitive labels to carton side applications. Able to perform in environments with tight radii and minimal space on the production floor, the E- Shot has filled a hole in tamp on labeling as indicated by the volume of reserve orders placed pre-production.

In beta testing, the E-Shot has proven to reduce necessary resources for companies who, until recently, required additional staff for manual label placement. The E-Shot utilizes off the shelf components and no proprietary programming.  Built for reliability and engineered for easy service and maintenance; the benefits of the E-Shot, combined with the machines conservative price model, ensure a rapid return on investment.

Additional Benefits of the E-Shot Printer Applicator

  • Avoid carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries to employees.
  • Faster application due to the E-Shot’s ability to print, peel and apply the label autonomously.
  • Faster, more efficient labeling.
  • Consistent label placement on product packaging, every time.
  • Save money with less wasted media due to peeling and re-applying labels with poor placement.
  • No need to connect an air source, just plug it in to any outlet and you are ready to go.
  • A cleaner, safer and more responsive labeling system.
  • There is no oil, contaminates or air pressure to contend with.
  • An adjustable super-responsive soft touch applicator that is safe and 100% effective.
  • Send your label information digitally, trigger the apply module and watch  production levels increase.

For more information about the e-Shot Printer Applicator or to learn more about product specifications please visit www.imageteklabels.com or contact Rick Stratton at (802) 885-6208or by email at rick.stratton@pcmanufacturing.com.

About ImageTek Labels:

Located in the heart of Vermont’s Precision Valley, ImageTek Labels prints and converts labeling solutions for customers in industries ranging from aerospace to specialty food production. We utilize conventional and the latest in digital printing technologies to satisfy our customers’ needs and we are, also, a major supplier of blank and custom printed label media, lamination supplies and label application equipment.

Our company is staffed by a variety of technical and engineering professionals who listen to our customers’ requirements and specifications. Our sales staff is ready to work with you to plan a strategy to increase your productivity and assure you a positive return on your labeling investment.

ImageTek Labels is a true full service manufacturing facility. Our charter is to provide high quality, reliability and versatility in all our product lines – we offer a total solution. We listen to the needs and goals of our customers and consistently exceed expectations with quality, on-time delivery.

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