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The Guardian® Elite Protection Plan

ImageTek Labels is a Full Service Provider for Datamax, Zebra, Sato and Intermec Printers.

ImageTek prides ourselves in manufacturing superior quality print and apply, laminating and RFID ready equipment. Our machines offer The Guardian ® Elite extended warranty options to protect your process and your investment. Routine maintenance is necessary and assures the integrity of your equipment, ImageTek makes it easy. Our trained staff is seasoned in servicing and upgrading both custom manufactured printers as well as printers from some of the top manufacturers around the world like..

  • Intermec
  • Zebra
  • Sato
  • Datamax

By choosing ImageTek Labels Guardian Elite® level of support coverage, you can assure yourselves prompt service from a supportive team… Guaranteed! You will gain access to our company of experienced engineering professionals to use them as a valuable resource. The Guardian ® Plan will is a powerful tool that helps power your company, minimize down-time, and keeps your operations running at optimal capacity. You also choose a plan that will pay for itself with discounts your guaranteed on labor and parts.

Gain peace of mind that come from having a plan!

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The Guardian Elite ® Protection Plan Includes

  • 24 hour Pager Service
  • Immediate attention and Impeccable service
  • Two (2) 8-hour , on-site emergency visits per year
  • Four (4) 8-hour scheduled, quarterly quarterly on-site maintenance visits
  • 20% discount off all list ImageTek Labels parts
  • 10% Discounted Labor rates
  • Depot repair discounted labor rates
  • Series revision upgrades
  • Next flight out, on-site response times for emergency visits.
  • No shipping charges
  • 2 day turn-around on parts
  • Full access service logs

The Guardian Gold Level ® Protection Plan Includes

  • 10% discount on labor rates
  • 3 day turn-around on all parts
  • series revision upgrades
  • full access service log
  • 24 hour Pager Service
  • 8 hour max on site response visits
  • Quarterly on-site maintenance visits per appointment
  • 5% discount off all list ImageTek Labels parts

The Guardian Silver Level ® Protection Plan Includes

  • 24 hour pager
  • 5 day turn-around on parts
  • 3% discount off all list ImageTek Labels parts
  • 5% discount on all labor rates
  • full access service log

    Service Packages are customized and tailored to fit individual client needs. For pricing or to find out more about ImageTek Labels Guardian Elite® Plans, please click here.

    *Terms and Conditions: All Contracts are one year in length. Warranted equipment is eligible for contract without site inspection. Non-warranted equipment must be factory inspected. Customer pays for parts, labor and portal to portal transportation charges and related expenses.

Service & Training

On-Site Service

Service is available for any make and model printer, on an as-needed basis. ImageTek Labels will perform on-site service repairs outside of The Guardian Elite® contracted plan, per customer request; these services incur portal to portal charges. To schedule a service please click here or call 866-462-4385 to speak to a service representative.

In-House Service & Training

Staff training for equipment and technical systems personnel are available at our facility in Springfield, Vermont by appointment. For training downloads, system schematics and equipment manual requests, please click here.

Extended Warranty-Limitations

ImageTek warrants the equipment it manufactures to be free of defects in materials (excluding wear of thermal printheads) and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the original shipment date when subject to normal use and service. This warranty does not cover any ImageTek equipment improperly installed, used or damaged by accident or neglect, including but not limited to failure to follow the specified lubrication and cleaning schedules. Equipment which is damaged as a result of (i) alteration by the PURCHASER including reprogramming which caused excessive repetition rates of electromechanical or electronic drive components, or (ii) excessive voltage applied to interface of connections, or (iii) excessive temperature due to improper cooling whenImageTek equipment goes into PURCHASER supplied enclosure is not covered by this warranty.

*Although the user is not required to purchase ImageTek brand supplies (media and / or ribbons), to the extent it is determined that the use of other supplies (media and / or ribbons) shall have caused any defect in the equipment, the warranty becomes null and void. The user shall be responsible for ImageTek,. customary charges for labor and materials to repair such defect. To the extent that it is determined that failure to follow the preventive maintenance schedule and procedures listed in the Operators Manual shall have caused any defect in the equipment for which claim is made, this limited warranty shall be void.

In the event of failure of equipment covered by this warranty, ImageTek will repair such equipment returned to its factory at 280 Clinton St. Springfield, Vermont, U.S.A. or, if approved by ImageTek, to an Authorized Independent Service Facility within 12 months of the original shipment date; provided that inspection by ImageTek of the Authorized Service Facility determines to their satisfaction that the equipment was defective. ImageTek or the Authorized Independent Service Facility may at their option, replace the equipment or sub-assembly in lieu of repair. Defective equipment returned within 12 months of the original shipment date will be repaired or replaced without charge unless the failure was caused by misuse, accident or abnormal operation conditions in which case repair estimate will be submitted before work is started, if requested.

Warranty Procedures

Notify ImageTek, or if so directed by Image-Tek, the nearest Authorized Independent Service Facility, giving full details of the difficulty, and include the model number, configuration number and serial number. On receipt of this information, service data or authorization to return the equipment or appropriate sub-assembly will be given to you.

  1. Warranty Repair / Returns – All Warranty Returns require an RMA number. Contact Technical Support at 802-885- 6208

a) All Printer Applicators returned for evaluation must include a proof of purchase, printed label samples illustrating the problem, along with a print mileage record. Note: Sub-assemblies, Parts, and Electronic Assemblies, returned for Warranty consideration must include the Applicator Serial Number they were removed from.

b) Items returned under warranty and found to be problem free are subject to a No Problem Found Fee of $100.00.

c) ImageTek will repair or replace non-working items under Warranty as per the Image-Tek Warranty.

d) ImageTek will notify you of any warranty rejection. Any rejected item, based on the customer’s written request, will either be returned or disposed of.

e) If a replacement item is purchased prior to the completion of the warranty evaluation, a credit may be issued if the item returned is found defective and covered under the warranty.

f) Products must be shipped back to ImageTek freight pre-paid. You are responsible for all freight charges, duties, taxes, broker fees or any other customs related charges. Items replaced or repaired under the Image-Tek warranty will be returned freight pre-paid to you.

  1. Non-Warranty Repair – All items returned for repair require an RMA number. Contact Technical Support 802- 885-6208.

a) All returns should be in the original packaging with an outer box and sufficient packaging material to prevent any shipping damage.

b) A non-refundable $100.00 Estimate Fee is charged for all repairs. A quote will be provided for approval, before repairs are made. The $100.00 fee will be applied against the total labor charges, if the repair is authorized and completed.

c) If you do not have a current open terms account with ImageTek, you must provide a valid credit card number for the estimate fee and any repair charges.

d) Products must be shipped to ImageTek freight pre-paid. You are responsible for the freight charges, duties, taxes, broker fees or any other customs related charges for inbound & outbound shipment.

Spare Parts

All parts, maintenance kits, options kits, spares kits, and accessories are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 90 days (except where otherwise denoted) from shipment date. This warranty becomes void if the item is modified, improperly installed or used, or damaged by accident or neglect.

Printhead Warranty Guidelines

In order to expedite printhead warranty claims, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Documentation: If the printhead was part of the original printer applicator, you must provide equipment serial number. If the printhead was a replacement that failed, we must receive a copy of the printhead installation record or invoice (or equivalent), including the printhead serial number.

Physical Condition: If the printhead shows signs of wear (white areas on the shiny dark brown element line, scratches, chips, etc.), the warranty claim will be disallowed.

Shipment Of Warranty Items

On receipt of authorization to return the equipment, warranty items shall be returned freight and international shipments shall be insured for the value of the shipment as in the case of an original shipment. Equipment shall be shipped in the original shipping container and related packing material; or if it is not available, use any suitable container that is rigid and adequate size. If a substitute container is used, the equipment should be wrapped in a plastic bag and surrounded with at least six inches of excelsior or similar shock absorbing material.

General Warranty Provisions

The above warranties extend solely to PURCHASER and all warranty claims must be made by purchaser and not by customers of PURCHASER. Repair or replacement of parts or equipment shall neither extend nor decrease the original warranty period.


This agreement shall be deemed to be made in Vermont and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Vermont. Customer agrees that any controversies arising hereunder, including claims for money owed for services rendered, may be litigated in the state or federal courts located in Windsor County, Vermont, and Customer hereby submits to the jurisdiction on such courts. Claims against Image-Tek under this Agreement shall only be litigated in the state or federal courts located in Windsor County, Vermont.

Non-Warranty Service

Non-warranty service is available. Labor rates and parts prices shall be those prevailing at the time of the repair. All risk of loss or damage, freight or other costs of shipment to and from Image-Tek factory shall be the responsibility of the PURCHASER.

Third Party Liability And Consequential Damages

ImageTek shall not be liable for and the PURCHASER shall hold ImageTek harmless from any liability sustained in favor of third parties arising from or during PURCHASER’s possession, use or sale of ImageTek equipment. ImageTek shall not be liable for and PURCHASER shall hold ImageTek harmless from any liabilities for consequential damages sustained by PURCHASER including those arising from or measured by lost profits under its contract with third parties.


Note: ImageTek provides a Guardian Extended Warranty Service Plan for every equipment line. For more information contact the ImageTek service technical manager (802-885-6208 X237).

Consumable Supplies

ImageTek warranty for consumable supplies is limited solely to free of charge replacement of such supplies that are determined by ImageTek to be defective, and which were purchased by PURCHASER direct from ImageTek for use with ImageTek equipment, and provided PURCHASER has complied with the handling, storage and shelf life requirements as specified by ImageTek in applicable supplies specifications. ImageTek shall have no responsibilities for consumable supplies purchased from any other source.

*Complete Terms and Conditions available upon request.

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