P5 Specifications – Intermec

P5 Printer Laminator – Intermec

Print Durable Laminated Labels on Demand

Features and Benefits

  • Produces durable labels quickly and reliably.
  • Dependable solution for creating labels that withstand hostile environments.
  • Label sizes from 1.0″ x 1.0″ up to 5.0″ x 20.0″ (25.4 mm x 25.4 mm up to
  • 127 mm x 508 mm). One laminator for all your needs.
  • Intelligent, rotary butt-cutter cuts precisely, adjusts automatically and reduces label waste.
  • Cutting speeds up to 2 ips keeps up with your demanding production requirements.

Simple, Yet Elegant Operation

The Protector creates durable labels that withstand harsh industrial environments. Simply place a roll of label material and a roll of laminate into the Protector and printer. After printing, the Protector will apply the laminate over the labels, then cut the labels precisely to length.

Durable Labels That Last

ImageTek’s laminations protect the labels from heat, solvents, corrosion, moisture, abrasion, oils, chemicals, and UV exposure. Literally hundreds of material combinations are available. Applications include: outdoor use, engine parts, underwater as well as protection through painting, staining or enameling processes.

Unique, Intelligent Cutter

You can depend on the Protector to cut your labels with precision, whether continuous or die-cut label stock is used. The Protector’s rotary cutting technology is able to cut through the laminate and label material without cutting through the label liner.


Width: 16.25″ (412.75 mm)
Height: 24.0″ (609.6 mm)
Length: 38.75″ (984.25 mm)
Weight: 80 Ibs. (plus printer)


Width: 16.25″ (412.75 mm)
Compatible printers — Intermec, Zebra,
Contact Image-Tek for specific model
compatibility.Length: 38.75″ (984.25 mm)
Weight: 80 Ibs. (plus printer)


Power requirements:
100-240 VAC @ 47–63 Hz
Laminating Speed:
Laminating speed Maximum 2 ips


Operating Temperature:
40° – 104° F (4° – 40° C)
Storage Temperature:
32° – 120° F (0° – 49° C)
Relative Humidity:
10 – 90% (Non-condensing)

Label Dimensions

Minimum cut length 1.0″ (25.4 mm)
Maximum cut length (Printer dependent)
Minimum label width 1.0″ (25.4 mm)
Maximum label width 5.0″ (127 mm)
Minimum print width(Printer dependent)
Maximum print width(Printer dependent)
Liner rewind core size 3.0″ (76.2 mm)
Label rewind core size 3.0″ (76.2 mm)
Label rewind maximum
8.5″ (215.9 mm) O.D.
Maximum media roll diameter
8.0″ (203 mm) O.D.
Maximum laminate roll diameter
8.0″ (203 mm) O.D.
Ribbon – recommended to be at least
as wide as media

Regulatory Agency Approvals


Image-Tek Laminator Patents

Image-Tek has been awarded numerous
patents for labeling. Image-Tek laminating
technology is protected under the
following patents:
4,494,435; 5,000,812; 5,017,257

Maximum Unwind Force Allowed for Laminates

ImageTek will only warrant use of this
product with laminating films qualified
by Image-Tek’s technical staff.