A label that tells your story.

Every label tells a story. The story of your quality. Your brand. Your personality. It’s these labels that are your outward representation to the world. We craft only the finest labels so each story is told exactly as it was intended.

Labels For Home Good Containers

ImageTek Labels produces pressure sensitive solutions for a variety of home product applications. Waterproof, moisture resistant and able to survive harsh chemicals, high temperatures and cold storage conditions, these labels are custom printed in specialty shapes and sizes. 

Home Product Labels to fit:

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic jars
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  •  Metal and Steel
  • Electronics

Product labels can be used to identify a wide variety of things from ingredients to company contact information and directions for use. Consumers look to these labels for the necessary information. Manufacturers are tasked with not only meeting standard regulations for their product manufacturing guidelines but also making sure their labels contain useful information and represent their company brand.

There is an art to product label design. The companies label design is must be supported by the label manufacturer so the labels will work well in consumer end use applications.

Liquid Products and Container Labeling

Many products contain liquid and are delivered in plastic bottles, which means the label must be able to survive moisture and liquid while remaining flexible.  Before labeling your plastic bottles, identify the characteristics your label stock will need to perform well.  Cylinder shaped containers call for wrap around labels, which require a thin, flexible substrate. Square shaped bottles that require wrapped corners mean a heavier stock with custom slits. If the household product container is clear, you may want to print both the front and back of the label so consumers can read the text from the back of the container. Knowing what types of challenges your packaging present to your label stock will help you choose the right label to fit your needs.

Squeezable Product Containers and Labeling

Some household and industrial products come in a squeezable bottle, which can present their own unique set of challenges. The container will likely experience a lot of handling, which means the label material must be flexible yet durable in order to last the duration of the product. An over laminate finish should also be considered to ensure the label can withstand the oils and residue found on the hands of consumers.

Wholesale Products and Labeling

Large wholesale containers often come in drums. Depending on the size of the drum, producers may need a wide format label, defined by label widths greater than 8” wide. Be sure to source wide format labels from a producer who has the technology to print your labels in house, it will reduce mark up’s and absorbed shipping costs associated with third party orders.

For more information about labeling household products, contact ImageTek Labels at (802) 885-6208 or email sales@imageteklabels.com

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