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ImageTek Labels to Attend MFG4 Tradeshow Hosted by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Aerospace, Defense, Medical & Energy Manufacturing for the Future

Springfield, VT February 28th, 2012. ImageTek Labels will be attending the MFG4 Trade Show Event in Hartford, CT from May 8th – 10th. This tradeshow is a new event, exclusive to industry experts, designed to provide leading manufacturing engineers in Aerospace, Medical, Energy and Military Industries an opportunity to learn more about innovative products and technologies that meet their production challenges. ImageTek is proud to be among the companies chosen to attend this year’s event.

ImageTek will be unveiling new, cutting-edge products for manufacturing professionals looking for custom tag and label solutions. Given the ever changing standards and compliance regulations, we engineer the new technologies to help you comply with the strictest of standards. With a full product line of high temperature, flame retardant, chemical resistant and harsh environment labels and tags, we offer strategic solutions to the most challenging industrial applications.

With decades of industry expertise, we have proven engineered solutions that make us a valuable partner in your manufacturing process. ImageTek offers the right solution, the first time, making sure to not only save you time but maintain your products integrity while increasing your bottom line.

For more information about ImageTek Labels please contact Alicia Baker at abaker@pcmanufacturing.com or by calling (802) 885-6208 ext: 268. Samples packets are available.

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