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Durable Labels That Survive The Product Life Cycle.

Labels That Last.

Know the Right Materials for Creating Labels That Last the Life of Your Product.

Creating labels that last require durable materials. In many cases, your products are going to be in situations where they will be exposed to water, extreme temperatures or even outdoor elements. You want to make sure your label survives no matter what environment your product is in. Materials like vinyl or polypropylene (BOPP) generally provide more durable labels and will stand up to harsh conditions or excessive handling. Having a label that stays put doesn’t just benefit the brand; it also helps to ensure consumers will buy to your products over the competitions.Durable Labels

Use Heavy Duty Labels to Label Durable Goods Products

Heavy-duty labels are a necessity if you make a product that will be stored or spend a significant amount of time outside. Vinyl labels are created to survive moist, humid or otherwise challenging environments. When paired with the right topcoat and ribbon combination, these labels will resist UV rays that can cause fading or smudging and leave your label unreadable. Labeling is an essential part of your product, so it’s important that it remains intact. Hard to read labels that are peeling off your product are also unattractive to consumers, and can hurt your brand. To protect labels that will spend extended periods in the sun, water or extreme temperatures, consider using UV resistant ink or laminate and a strong adhesive suited for the substrate that won’t peel or curl.

Lost Lasting, Custom Labels Win Every Time.

Regardless of what type of product you manufacture, labels build customer trust, provide information about your product and direct consumers about use and associated risks. Labels build consumer trust and are not worth the risk of using low-quality materials that will lead to failed labeling. Packaging that falls short on performance, can be a red flag to consumers causing them to consider alternative products. With today’s technology, durable labels can be as sleek and attractive as the products they serve. ImageTek has a large line of high gloss and matte finishes that not only protect your label over time but give the finished appearance your brand demands.

For more information or to request label samples for testing, contact ImageTek Labels today. Our customer service representatives will walk you through best-practice label options and ensure you are using the best label for your product.

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