Durable Labels for Industrial Equipment, Asset Tracking & Inventory

Durable Labels for Asset & Inventory

Industrial labels are an integral part of asset, identification and track & trace processes on the manufacturing floor. Commonly used to inventory products and equipment, durable labels are an essential component to operational efficiencies.

Survivor Series Labels for Harsh Environments

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Survivor Series labels are extremely durable and can withstand exposure to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, and extreme temperatures.  Guaranteed to meet a variety of rigorous quality standards, Survivor Series labels are waterproof and will remain on products permanently.

An ideal solution for:

  • – Industrial Power Equipment
  • – Electrical Units
  • – IT Hardware
  • – Heating and Cooling Systems
  • – Automotive Applications
  • – Durable Goods & Machine Labeling

Durable Label Media: Choose Wisely

Survivor Series labels are manufactured to survive a multitude of manufacturing environments.  The media and overlaminate combination you choose will impact label performance. Understanding what type of label stock suits your application is key. The specialty media options below are designed to withstand various harsh environment applications.

  • Aluminum – Our thermal transfer printable aluminum labels are manufactured for on demand barcode or alphanumeric identification of items exposed to extreme heat. These labels can be formatted to fit your existing industrial printer.
  • Polyester – This label is general purpose polyester with excellent smear, scratch and chemical resistance. They are commonly used for top side labeling in PCB applications, property ID, warning instruction and service labels for durable goods.
  • Polyimide – An ideal solution for printed circuit board manufacturing processes and applications that include short term exposure to open flames and extreme heat.
  • Vinyl – This material has a topcoated surface for flexo and thermal transfer printing with a high-performance double coat weight permanent acrylic adhesive that bonds well to rough and textured surfaces.

Laminated Labels for Added Durability

Printable and non-printable overlaminates add a secondary layer of protection to durable labels. When labels are exposed to water, moisture and UV light they can peel, lift or curl. Laminated labels are designed to survive exposure to the elements and increase the lifecycle of the label.

ImageTek Labels EZ Pull™ film laminations protect labels from heat, solvents, corrosion, moisture, and UV exposure for up to 25 years. Literally, hundreds of material combinations are available.

Print and laminate durable labels in house and on demand with the P5 printer applicator. A simple, yet elegant operation, the P5 printer laminator allows you to print and laminate durable labels that will withstand harsh industrial environments.

Contact ImageTek Labels to discuss your application with our professional staff. Request complimentary label samples for testing or learn more about custom label solutions suited to fit your business.

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