Custom Printed Industrial Labels

Chemical Resistant LabelsIndustrial label applications often call for specialty media that is resistant to tears, abrasion, moisture, and harsh environments. Choosing the right type of durable label media ensures the success of your project and reduces production challenges.  ImageTek Labels offers label stock designed to withstand  challenging applications of manufacturing and warehouse operations.

Industrial Labels for Durable Applications

Our industrial label media includes myriad polyester materials, printable aluminum, vinyl polyimide and polyethylene naphthalene . Label media printed with rugged inks are ideal for drum labels, warehousing, production, inventory, and in-process track and trace applications.

Types of Custom Printed Industrial Labels

ImageTek Labels offers brilliantly resilient label solutions for a variety of harsh environment applications like:

Laminated Labels Offer Added Protection

Laminating your durable label media adds an additional layer of protection for labels that come in contact with moisture, paint or chemicals. Our laminates are designed to withstand varying degrees of temperature and humidity. Dual-layer paintblock laminate allows products to be coated before removing the top layer of the label to reveal and preserve important information for the lifecycle of the product.

Printer Laminator Labeling Systems

Track and trace, WIP and lean manufacturing practices make on-demand label printing a necessary advantage for many companies. The Protector 5 Printer Laminator labeling system proves a vital solution for manufacturing professionals. Simply place a roll of labels and a roll of laminate onto the P5 and watch it print and laminate your durable label before cutting the label precisely to length.

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