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UL Label Printing: Standards of Compliance

UL Labels Give Consumers Confidence in Manufactured Products

UL Labels give consumers confidence in manufactured products. Manufacturers who are interested in displaying the UL symbol UL Labels on their products, must meet UL standards of compliance and submit the UL marking for approval before printing their labels. Further, the company who prints the labels must be a UL certified printer. That might seem like quite the process for companies new to the UL game but for ImageTek Labels it’s just a day at the office.

Because the UL labels and marking is so important, manufacturers must submit a design layout of the UL Mark to the UL label center for review. There, the label format will be verified and approved for printing. This must be done prior to reproduction of the UL Mark and prior to application of the Mark to eligible products. This advanced review eliminates potential disruption in production due to an unacceptable UL Mark design. For more information on reproducing the UL Marks, refer to the UL document on printing UL Marks.

UL Label Suppliers must be Authorized 

UL maintains a database of authorized label suppliers. These suppliers have signed an agreement with UL and are authorized by UL to print labels with the UL Mark. Only the suppliers shown in this database are authorized to print labels with the UL Mark. Companies that print and convert UL and CSA logo labels must meet compliance standards ANSI/ UL969 as defined by Underwriters Laboratories. ImageTek Labels meets that criteria and is registered to print these logos on behalf of our customers, under UL’s Authorized Supplier Program.

UL Certified under file number LP4178, ImageTek has been uniquely identified in the online Certification Directory and can be found by following http://tinyurl.com/cmqsb7t

For customers who prefer to print their own labels on demand, ImageTek Labels can supply UL and CSA approved label stock, over-laminates and ribbon combinations, which meet their rigorous compliance standards. Contact us for application specific media combination.

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