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RoHS II Revisions Effective January 2nd, 2013. Are you Compliant?

RoHSCome January 2nd 2013, RoHS II standards of compliance are expand to cover all electrical and electronics equipment. Certificates of compliance must include CE and RoHS II documentation and penalties for non- compliance increase.

 What’s Different? The Long and Short of it.

1.) Currently, products that contain a RoHS substance and exceed suggested amounts of that substance are not allowed to be put on the market without a formal exemption. All exemptions will automatically expire unless renewed. Don’t leave your company open to penalties. Be proactive in extending your exemptions.

2.) New categories will be covered at different times over a 6.5 year period:

July 2014 — Categories 8 (medical devices) and 9 (consumer monitoring/control instruments) will be covered.

July 2016 — In-vitro diagnostic medical devices will be covered.

July 2017 — Industrial monitoring/control instruments will be covered.

July 2019 — Category 11 (all other EEE not previously covered) will be added.

3.) All finished goods will require a CE mark and a reference to RoHS 2 in the product’s declaration of compliance (DoC). Manufacturers must submit technical documentation (of compliance status) on request, and retain such documentation for 10 years after a covered product is placed on the market.

4.) Components , spare parts, cables and development kits must be RoHS compliant.

For more information on RoHS II revisions, please contact ImageTek Labels at 866-403-5223 or to purchase RoHS complaint Labels please visit our store http://store.imagetekdigitallabels.com/c/9/rohs-labels


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