ESD Labels for Electronic Devices

 Electrostatic dissipative labels are used primarily in electronics industries where components can be damaged if exposed to electromagnetic interface. The charging of such components can happen by human touch or by bringing another component or charged substance in close proximity.

Problems with ESD can not only occur in the production of the product but may appear long after the product has left production stages and is in use with the end user, causing premature device failure. The ESD Association estimates 6.5% of annual product loss is a result of ESD and in turn product failure among leading industry manufacturers.


ImageTek offers LMK1400 and LMK1402 to our high temperature ESD polyimide offerings as well as LMP6301 ESD polyester. Made to withstand heat, chemicals and solvents and maintain very low electrostatic charge which is not easily transferred, protecting your product and consumer.

ImageTek’ s ESD material is designed to be die cut, meet compliance standards set forth by ANSI/ESD STM.11.11 – 2006 and resist temperatures up to 260C with zero failure in the ESD capabilities.