Compostable Labels

Custom Printed Compostable Labels

Did you know a simple label can prevent your product from being biodegradable? By definition, compostable labels mean that the label is capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment,  leaving behind zero toxicity in the soil.

As business shift towards more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging alternatives, the demand for custom printed compostable labels and adhesives continues to grow. By labeling products with compostable labels and using biodegradable adhesives, you’re making your product suitable for composting and ensuring your packaging is sustainable and earth friendly.

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Compostable Labels are 100% Biodegradable

Conventional labels and stickers can be an issue for composters looking to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint. Consumers are educated and want to buy from businesses that offer sustainable packaging solutions for the betterment of the planet. Compostable labels and stickers by ImageTek are:

– Made with 100% compostable label material
– Made with 20% recycled material
– Produced with material and adhesives that biodegrade
– Break down without leaving toxins in the soil
– Reduces the amount of plastic waste entering the landfill
– Makes a clear statement to consumers about your values and ethos
– Is functional and can be printed in custom colors, shapes and sizes
– Can be paired with various finishes for exact-match aethestetic
– Ships in 5 days or less
– No tooling charges, set up fees or high label minimums

mailto: sales@imageteklabels.comTo learn more about compostable labels and adhesives, request free samples or a same-day quote, contact ImageTek Labels by email or call (866) 403-5223.