Waterproof Labels Solutions

Waterproof labels tend to bring industrial and durable environments to mind with images of big bold stickers or caution decals on machine and equipment. What most people don’t know is that waterproof labels are the cornerstone of specialty food, beer & beverage packaging. From production to shipping,  waterproof labels are the cornerstone of manufacturing and solve a variety of labeling challenges. Printed with brilliant color, designed to survive long life cycles,  cold temperatures, condensation, and moisture, our custom printed labels are weatherproof and water resistant, and are  manufactured with label media and  adhesives that withstand all types of harsh environment

waterproof labels

Tear, Scratch and Fade Resistant

The plastics, films and containers often contain compounds that can make product labeling a real challenge. From cartons and pallets to glass jars, and shrink sleeve films, waterproof labels often mean the difference between success and failure. When moisture, liquid and freezing temperatures are combined with the low surface energy, label failure can present and cause lifting, peeling or curling. These types of situations can delay shipping, cause items to be rejected at the receiving dock, or make barcodes difficult to scan at retail checkout.

Our custom waterproof labels are designed to withstand the elements and adhere to various types of packaging and are:

  • Weatherproof
  • Resist Fading & Scratching
  • Tear Resistant
  • Oil-resistant
  • Dishwasher-safe.

Custom Printed in Full Color

We provide waterproof labels and stickers and that survive the elements and maintain their integrity. Printed in brilliant-color and available in specialty shapes and sizes, labels will be customized to suit your design, and represents the quality of your brand. Better yet, we offer free online label proofs. Send us your artwork and we’ll send you back a digital rendering configured to meet your specifications. Labels ship in 5 days or less. Request a same day quote or contact us for more information about waterproof label solutions that stick.

Learn more about printing labels on-demand, in real-time by viewing our print and apply labeling systems here.