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Steel and Metal Manufacturing Labels – High Performance Solutions

Steel & metal manufacturing requires aggressive label solutions. ImageTek Labels provides industrial label solutions for the various stages of the metal manufacturing supply chain; from the production process through prolonged exposure in stock-holding yards and distribution warehouses. Our Survivor Series labels are ideal for asset identification and track and trace labeling, and can withstand exposed to chemicals, cleaning agents, paint, ultra violet light and temperatures up to 1200°F.

High Temperature Labels

Polyester with Aggressive Adhesive: This material is designed with a heavy coatweight of high holding, permanent acrylic adhesive that will permanently bond to the most demanding surfaces. This material has excellent chemical resistance and holding strength, even at at high temperatures. It is UL and CSA approved.

Multi-Layer Paintblock Laminates: This dual layer, self-wound laminate has one peelable layer that can be removed after any enameling, painting or staining type process; eliminating the need to re-label. Ideal for products going through paint, stain, varnish and enamel processes where JIT, WIP or permanent product marking is required.

Aluminum Labels: Thermal Transfer printable and photo etched aluminum in both pressure sensitive and riveted solutions. Our aluminum labels have a variety of adhesives specific and can be matched to to your project demands. They’re built to survive extreme temperatures up to 1100F, harsh environments, abrasion, and are weather resistant.

Polyimide Labels: Designed for high temperature, harsh environment applications. Polyimide is dimensionally stable, provides long term durability at temperatures in excess of 250°C and is resistant to a wide variety of harsh chemicals. This material offers excellent puncture resistance and is widely used for track and trace applications in the metal processing industry.

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