A label that tells your story.

Every label tells a story. The story of your quality. Your brand. Your personality. It’s these labels that are your outward representation to the world. We craft only the finest labels so each story is told exactly as it was intended.

High Temperature Label Solutions

Our high temperature label solutions include a large selection of preprinted photo-etched aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and specialty PEN that meet REACH, RoHS and WEE compliance regulations.

Designed to meet the temperature requirements for almost any industrial application, these harsh environment labels also withstand exposure to chemicals, corrosive solvents, moisture, & repetitive impact. Add an additional layer of laminate for added resistance to water, moisture and UV light.

High Temperature

High Temperature Labels For Applications Like:

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Electronic component identification
  • Paintblock
  • Wave Solder Processes
  • Infrared Ovens and Reflow
  • Ultrasonic Soldering
  • Steel & Metal Manufacturing & more…

Survivor Series Labels For High Temperature Applications

ImageTek Labels Survivor Series labels are manufactured to withstand temperatures up to 1100F or greater. Our product line includes label and adhesive combinations that will withstand high temperatures, exposure to open flames, chemicals and harsh environments.

Given changes to the flame resistant UL94 compliance, ImageTek Labels carries innovative labels that will meet various industry standards.

A detailed temperature profile and project overview is required to assure the material being used to convert your labels will make the grade and last the life of your project. Chemical type, length of exposure to solvents also play important roles in finding a material that suits your demands. While heat resistance is key, you must also make certain the label will resist abrasion and tearing.

Custom Labels For High Temperature Applications

ImageTek Labels has the capability to customize your label with various barcode symbologies, alphanumeric or sequential numbering, custom color logo’s or personalized format. . Our seasoned sales staff will review your project with you and offer the most durable label solutions for testing.

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