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Industrial Labels for Manufacturing

Industrial Labels for ManufacturingIndustrial labels are an important part of the manufacturing process. Used for a variety of applications like track and trace, WIP, compliance and unique identification, industrial labels must be durable and survive extreme environments like abrasion, heat, cold temperatures, chemicals and solvent exposure. For more than two decades, ImageTek Labels has perfected their durable label offerings to provide solutions for challenges that arise on the manufacturing floor and as well as in end use.

Whether your needs call for barcode labels with individualized serial numbers, graphic overlays for heavy duty equipment or reorder and service labels for in-field applications, we provide custom printed labels, label stock, ribbon and labeling systems for printing, laminating and auto-apply applications. Our Survivor Series label line includes a selection of high quality label laminates, void stock and tamper evident labels. We also offer blank label media designed to fit a variety of thermal transfer label printers.

Digital Label Printing for Industrial Applications

Advances in digital printing offer industrial manufacturers a broader range of color and media options than were available in years past. Digital print technology uses a process called UV Curing, which heat seals color onto label media, making the image resistant to ultra violet rays and less likely to deteriorate when exposed to reasonable levels of moisture. UV curing prevents smearing, fading and smudging, extending the labels life cycle, thereby cutting costs for manufacturers. In addition, digital printing also offers manufacturers limitless color potential.

Types of Custom Industrial Labels:

  • – Warning Labels
  • – Parking Permit Labels
  • – Drum Labels
  • – Chemical Resistant Labels
  • – Void Stock Labels
  • – Paintblock Labels


industrial labels, durable goods labels, warning labels, chemical resistant labels, harsh environment labels
industrial labels, harsh environment labels, warning labels, chemical resistant labels, durable goods labels
barcode labels, track and trace labels, industrial labels, qr code labels, wip labels

Print industrial labels on specialty media designed to resist abrasion, chemicals, moisture & harsh environments.

Labels that resist chemicals, solvents, acetone, and MEK commonly found in industrial manufacturing.

BARCODE, 2D DATAMATRIX AND QR CODE LABELS FOR INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING Industrial label solutions for track & trace manufacturing applications.