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ImageTek Labels offers Tamper Resistant (breaks instantly upon removal) and Tamper Evident (Unable to reseal or reuse) labels specific to your project demands. With custom label solutions we have high security materials that discourage the removal or replacement of your product labels.

Delivering security that is evident to the human eye, we offer LMP6201 polyester labels will leave a residue behind if removed. Also, our LMV5200 destructible polyethylyne will not peel away but rather removes in pieces and chips off sparingly so tampering of the label is obvious. Security labels are designed to safeguard your property and product integrity as well as to prevent counterfeiting and ensure safety to the public.

Void Stock and Temper Evident labels are ideal for application like:

  • Product Labels
  • Boxes & Packaging Labels
  • Aircraft Seals
  • Vehicle Security Seals
  • Search & Secure Labels
  • Warranty Labels
  • Pharmacuetical Labels
  • Tooling Asset Labels