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ImageTek manufactures customized Equipment and Machine labels to notify your employee’s and end customers about the proper operational procedures and hazards. Safety is a big part of your procMachine Labelingess in manufacturing as well as in protecting the brand of your product. Equipment and machine labels help to identify areas of caution in the workplace such as moving parts, automatic machinery, pinch points or blades, keeping workers safe and halting preventable injuries.Not all labels are created equal. With variable surfaces and environments, a one size fits all solution is not an option. Label or ink failure can be expected if you’re not measuring the label up the project demands. With labels that resist abrasion, chemical and solvents, high temperature and humidity as well as can be laminated for added protection, these labels will last for years to come.

Manufactured to meet ANSI and OSHA regulations, ImageTek has the right label for your Warning, Caution or operational label needs to fit your facility or machine design. ImageTek’s Machine & Equipment labels are available in an array of colors and materials that will suit any industrial harsh environment application.